Meet Thy Maker

The Maker:

Thank You!     

Thank you for being part of the Thy Maker Family! Even if you've never bought anything from us you are welcome here. Thank You for taking time out of your day to visit our site and hopefully appreciate the art of our chosen medium. Every item we make is carefully cut and sewn by two hands and one passion for high quality leather goods. We source only the best in Italian and American Veg-tan Leather. Always made to last, always made in the USA. Welcome to THY MAKER.  

A Brief History...

Born out of the desire to create beautiful things; run his own business and have more time with family, Thy Maker was founded in 2019 by Timothy Swan. 

His background is in music; playing guitar and more recently, banjo and mandolin. He left his home state of Michigan to be professionally trained at Visible Music College in Memphis Tennessee, where his love of blues, rock, hip-hop and jazz had a large influence on his life. It also brought him his wife, Rebecca. They've been married almost 15 years and have three precious, rambunctious children.

After losing their home in the recession and moving across the country to an island in the picturesque Pacific Northwest; finish carpentry has been the name of the game, where attention to detail is crucial. Timothy has taken traits from each location and vocation and applied them to leatherworking. His artistry shines through in each and every handcrafted item. 

The Vision:

Thy Maker's vision is to supply the highest quality leather goods, sourced and made in the USA. 


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