What the heck is Veg-Tan Leather? - And why you should care!

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What the heck is Veg-Tan Leather?

Vegetable tanned leather is made with tannins which naturally occur in lots of plants, berries and tree bark. The tanning process will take three to twelve months minimum depending on chosen methods and ingredients used. Vegetable tanning has been around for centuries and until 1858 was the only type of tannage. 

Its always about money...

In 1858 Chromium or Chrome tan leather came about and we have been paying for it ever since. Chromium tanning uses chromium salts in a one day process which saves time and of course money. 90% of the world's leather is chrome tan. The process is very toxic and if the waste water is not treated properly it will and does cause health and environmental impacts. I am not going into the depths of it in this post.

Here at Thy Maker we only use Veg-tan leather. Yes, it does cost more, a good bit more, but I can't lower standards to save a few bucks. I will try and expand on some of the ideas I touch on in some future posts. For now be assured that when you buy one of our goods you are buying a product that is all natural and environmentally kind. 


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