Come along with us!

Come along with us!

 How do you find connection with your soul? Is what drives you worth it? Does it bring life to your soul or are you drained?

 I ask myself these questions pretty much every day in various forms. Example: Is this object I am buying going to bring life to others or is it draining? Are the clothes or bag I spend my hard earned money on made in an ethical way?

 Maybe that's why I love thrift stores. It frees me from directly supporting the unethical trade that is the fashion industry.

 Times they are a changing, a lot. I am happy to see a bigger focus on supporting local and fair trade type products. I get so much more life out of a product when I know the person behind it. So I have started this blog to help you get to know me and some of my friends a bit better. We will be doing some videos featuring other makers along with some fun facts and how-to-s about leather working and maybe some old fashioned typing stuff with pictures! Exciting, right?! I invite you to come along for this adventure from a social distance of six feet or more of course. Now get out and enjoy your day if you can!



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